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Dieter Roth, retired head master and long-standing textbook author:

"Compliments to Mathegym. It is definitely very pioneering for the further development of teaching maths. As a fan of white board teaching, I could envisage the odd additional feature for your platform. However, I am sure Mathegym will continue its successful development. 35 years ago I gave a lecture at Bochum University on the possibilities and limitations of teaching with textbooks that include multi-media features. Today you are realising former visions. With my two classes (I started teaching again 8 years ago) I am now a keen follower of Mathegym and my students and I greatly enjoy it."

Top 5 of the previous day

1) Chiara B. 5d Sigmund-Schuckert-Gymnasium Nürnberg 258 Checkos
2) Charlize S. 8b Hildegardis-Gymnasium Kempten 248 Checkos
3) Jakob L. 7b Marianum Buxheim 226 Checkos
4) Alina J. 9b Willibald-Gluck-Gymnasium Neumarkt OPf. 180 Checkos
5) Diana P. 6f Friedrich-Dessauer-Gymnasium Aschaffenburg 173 Checkos