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Dieter Roth, retired head master and long-standing textbook author:

"Compliments to Mathegym. It is definitely very pioneering for the further development of teaching maths. As a fan of white board teaching, I could envisage the odd additional feature for your platform. However, I am sure Mathegym will continue its successful development. 35 years ago I gave a lecture at Bochum University on the possibilities and limitations of teaching with textbooks that include multi-media features. Today you are realising former visions. With my two classes (I started teaching again 8 years ago) I am now a keen follower of Mathegym and my students and I greatly enjoy it."

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1) Eliane W. 8e Michaeli-Gymnasium München 848 Checkos
2) Dylan Maurice O. 6a Bertha-von-Suttner-Gymnasium Oberhausen 357 Checkos
3) Anika H. 9a Ostendorfer-Gymnasium Neumarkt 343 Checkos
4) Kristin H. 6b Ostendorfer-Gymnasium Neumarkt 238 Checkos
5) Niklas G. 5d Schmuttertal-Gymnasium Diedorf 205 Checkos
Mathegym is an ideal learning system developed by teachers for the “Gymnasium” and “Realschule” (secondary and grammar schools). It covers almost the entire maths syllabus for schools. So far, the system can only be offered in German. However, work is in hand to offer an English version and if you click the button "Test now", you can find a few exemplary problems relating to the topic "Pythagoras" in English. For school associations, educational authorities or educational institutions abroad: The contents of Mathegym could be translated into any language relatively quickly and adapted to any syllabus if there is demand for it. Please contact us should you have further questions or if you are interested in cooperating with us.

How does Mathegym work? The user chooses a topic, the programme then sets problems that increase in difficulty. The entered solutions are checked and additional help relating to the topic is available including explanatory videos. More complex problems can optionally be solved in a step-by-step manner with feedback after each individual step. Regarding the use at home or for teaching purposes: Mathegym is ideally suited for free practice as well as for individual tuition. A range of explanations and practical advice allow for independent and motivational training sessions. The teacher need not prepare material for the course. The school licence gives students free access to the system from home thereby guaranteeing comprehensive support.

Feedback: “A fun way of learning maths” (74%), “more comprehension” (69%) and “better marks” (47%) – this is the feedback of more than a 1000 users. 98% of the teachers questioned would recommend Mathegym to other schools. And last but not least: In the scientific comparative study "Eva-CBTM-Project" (Prof. Dr. Stein, Münster University, 2012) Mathegym is ranked amongst the leading commercial maths-learning management systems in the German and English speaking markets (15 were investigated).

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